Member Profile: Phill Cronin

SMPerth // 07th October 2015

Name: Phill Cronin
Job Description: Communication Confidence and Connection Guy
Twitter: @phillcronin
Website: –

A Few Words: Phill is a communication specialist who provides speaking, training and consulting to a variety of organisations, seeking to improve all areas of internal and external communication.

His research and training development is focused on how humans build positive connections to others. Phill asked the question “What is it that makes us connect with some people so well and others you just want to distance yourself from?” and “What is involved for us to make these decisions?” You may have heard the saying “People buy (buy into) from people they Know, Like and Trust”. So ask yourself the question how do people know you? Why will they like you? and why should they TRUST you? Well let’s change trust to “Have CONFIDENCE IN”. Get these right and you will build successful connections to others.

Through Phill’s understanding of the brain and his research many areas of communication such as; how we encode (communicate) and decode (understand) information, body language, eye movements and Emotional Intelligence, Phill went on to develop a profiling tool  that will eventually be able to assess your communication skills and your ability to connect effectively with others.

If you want to know more (and there is a lot more!) please click on the links above and if you see Phill at one of our SMPerth functions be sure to tweet  #IMetPhill


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