We've had a few students author Internal Issues over the past few years. If you've missed any issues, here's where you can catch up!

In a social media-saturated society, can people’s public social media be the best judge of character we can get?

Whether they’ve been discussing laptops, flights or teapots, they’ve assured me that they have seen targeted ads on Instagram shortly afterwards.

Meet Miquela Sousa, a model, singer, activist and Instagram ‘it-girl’. Oh and did I also mention that she’s entirely computer generated?

VHS is now replaced with Netflix, photo albums with Facebook and doctors with WebMD (kidding!) But this got me thinking, is the good ole business card the next thing to go?

It has been in all over the news – the Aussie Government slammed for using social influencers for a health campaign. Was it wrong? Parts of it, yes.

There has been a lot of attention and a massive spotlight aimed at the company due to privacy concerns recently and problems keep arising for the company.

I am extremely excited to attend the State of Social conference which is now only under a month away!