What You Need To Know About Facebook’s Branded Content Policy

Over the last two years, there has been a surge in the number of pages using Facebook’s Branded Content tool. Here’s what you need to know about the policy.

Things to Know // Running a Facebook Contest

If you’re running a Facebook contest, there are a few, actually a lot, of things you need to know. Just because it’s your page, it doesn’t mean you can make your own rules. Here are some key things you need to know about running a Facebook contest.

Why You Should be Following Hashtags on Instagram

If you have an Instagram account, you should no doubt be familiar with how hashtags work. Following hashtags on Instagram is an excellent way to keep up to date with related posts. It makes it easier to stay connected to current trends being shared by others. Instagram has recently brought out a new feature which […]

Does Social Media Influence Your SEO?

While having a social media account, or posting regularly doesn’t in itself help your organic rankings, there are signals sent from them which can influence what appears on the search results page.

Fitness apps found to make almost no difference to users’ health

Researchers studied a range of apps and found only one was effective, while others failed to spark improvements or made the problem worse

Work the room: a psychologist’s tips for the reluctant networker

Many people hate the idea of networking, despite appreciating its potential value to their careers. Here’s an expert’s guide

Gmail Smart Compose: Google will now autocomplete whole emails

Google is trying to free people from the burden of email using AI to type out the whole thing for you taking smart replies to their logical conclusion

Apple, Microsoft and Uber test drones approved but Amazon left out in cold

Ten pilot projects given greenlight for uses ranging from mapping and aircraft inspection to mosquito tracking and food delivery

Google’s ‘deceitful’ AI assistant to identify itself as a robot during calls

Google Duplex, which simulates human speech with lifelike inflections, criticised as unethical

Facebook hit with class action lawsuit over collection of texts and call logs

Plaintiffs claim social network’s ‘scraping’ of information including call recipients and duration violates privacy and competition law

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