Using Social Media to Compliment Your Local Fundraising Event

These days, there’s a lot of ‘fundraising fatigue’ amongst the public. With so many worthy causes vying for attention, your own fundraising efforts can often get ignored or dismissed. While you don’t want to see other fundraising events as direct competition, it’s important to make your own fundraising event stand out from the rest. Most […]

YouTube to clamp down on disturbing kids’ videos such as dark Peppa Pig

Site announces measures to flag, review and restrict content that is inappropriate for children but doesn’t breach wider guidelines

5 video editing apps for digital marketers on a budget

With the advancements of mobile apps there has never been an easier or cheaper way to create high-quality, professional videos for your business.

WhatsApp: inside the secret world of group chat

When WhatsApp launched it quickly became the main messaging service for groups of friends and family.

Experts warn about security after Donald Trump’s Twitter account briefly deleted

The deactivation of @realDonaldTrump – apparently by a rogue employee – prompted much online mirth but raised concern about more sinister possibilities

5 skills every social media manager must have

Behind every successful social media campaign is a talented, savvy social media manager, whose goal is to make the company’s digital brand well represented.

Here’s how Twitter should do longer text, and it doesn’t take 280 characters

Give the people what they want: my pitch for how Twitter should host lengthy contributions without sacrificing brevity

Twitter users respond to #280characters rollout: ‘All we wanted was an edit button’

All users now get twice as many characters per tweet, and it’s fair to say the response has been mixed

Why you need to make your social content platform specific

Being successful on social means making sure the content you post is relevant to the different audiences and features of each platform.

5 TEDx talks every marketer should watch

5 TEDx talks that every marketer should watch – insights into creativity and how to best communicate ideas to your customers.

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