15 Digital Marketing Jokes to Break the Ice

It is always a great idea to break the ice with your audience with a joke.

Adding humour can intrigue your audience and gets them engaged with your content.

Sometimes there are days like today where hardly anyone is in the office, Steve from Accounts has taken the last piece of free cake and you have little motivation to do anything.

This post is dedicated for the days like this

Today we have 15 extremely funny digital marketing jokes – that will not make you cringe at all…not one bit.


Q: Why did the woman dump her marketer boyfriend?
A: Lack of engagement.


Q: Where’s the best place to hide a body?
A: Page 2 of Google.


Q: Why did the front-end developer buy the flat under his?
A: He always wanted a sub-domain.


Q: How did Yoda get his first lead?
A: He used the Sales Force.


Q: Why did the dad know his daughter would be a great marketer one day?
A: Her first word was data.


Q: What does the SEO professional see when they see twins?
A: Duplicated content.


Q: Why are digital marketers good actors?
A: They nail impressions.


Q: What is a movie director’s favourite part of a paid search ad?
A: The call to ACTION!


Q: What does the new Arnott’s Biscuits marketing director do on there first day at work?
A: Enable cookies.


Q: Why did the marketer get off the trampoline?
A: He was worried about his bounce rate.


Q: Why do SEO experts love driving during peak hour?
A: They appreciate the traffic.


Q: Why did the digital marketers ape breeding business fail?
A: He was only using MailChimps.


Q: Why is it difficult to date a religious digital marketer?
A: They wont stop trying to convert you.


Q: A SEO copywriter walks into a bar, bars, tavern, pub, pubs, public house, Irish, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor.


Q: If a vegetarian and a SEO specialist walk into a bar … Who talks about organic first?

Check out the video version here.

We hope you have enjoyed this post and now have some sort of motivation to get back to work!

If you have any hilarious marketing jokes, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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