Analytics have come to Instagram Stories

Earlier this week we noticed something pretty amazing on Instagram Stories – personalised analytics.

You can now know which location and handle tags your audience is tapping on and more so how your story is trending overall as you post.

Instagram Story Analytics

If your account is set up as a business you can tap the insights on your Instagram Stories and it will give you the analytics on each story you have uploaded.

Remember you can also access overall views of your stories under your main Instagram insights for stories up to 14 days old.

This is an amazing addition to Instagram Stories as it will help you nail down when is the best time for you to be posting on Instagram Story through your impressions – best posting time is when your impressions are high.

So keep track as you post and strengthen your strategy as you go.

How can you add location and hashtag tagging into your story? 

10 ways to use hashtags to grow Instagram

Tap on the stickers when posting your Instagram Stories and these will link to the global Instagram Story and Instagram Feed.

Using these tags ensures that you are reaching audiences outside of your follower circle and once you start trending you will get instant insights.

Instagram Story Analytics 3

Often day stickers like TGIF or SUNDAY FUNDAY also occasionally trend so be sure to add these when applicable and make your story a little more interesting to reach more people.

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