Are we too lazy to protect our online privacy and security?

Lachlan Wells // 01st October 2015

1 in 5 Australians say they’ve had their Facebook account hacked

Have you ever laughed at a mate who suddenly professed their love for One Direction on Facebook, or confessed an embarrassing secret about their sex life that was totally out of character?

Friends hacking into each others Facebook account to play a prank seems like a pretty common occurrence. The team at Melbourne SEO agency Optimising decided to find out how true it was. Is there a pandemic of social media pranks in Australia? And is it symptomatic of the larger problem of poorly secured accounts and a lack of education when it comes to online privacy?

To attempt to answer these questions, we decided to survey Australian social media users, asking them how well they secured their profiles, whether they’ve had their privacy or data compromised, and what the effect of this was. We also tested them on their knowledge of common privacy related technologies: VPNs, private browser modes and cookies.

The survey was conducted online in 2015 for a period of one month, and attracted a total of 853 local respondents across every state in Australia. Some of the most interesting findings were that nearly 1 in 5 respondents have had their Facebook account hacked, and more than a quarter of Snapchat users regretted sharing something.

Highlights from the survey were used to create an infographic, courtesy of Murbu Design.

How well are you protecting yourself online? Check out these findings and more in the infographic below.


Lachlan WellsLachlan Wells
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