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Carma Levene // 18th October 2015

There’s being so much going on with Facebook Pages! We notice if we have an especially glitchy day on the platform we’re in store for a bunch of new features, a silver lining to the frustration when photos won’t load or pages won’t tag etc. It definitely makes the glitches more bearable when peppered with the excitement of what the new feature/s might be!

Here’s a few of the recent updates we have experienced on our pages – but remember, Facebook rolls out new features in stages so you might not have them all yet.

New Ads For All!

Firstly there’s some new ads in town, and it’s pretty exciting!

In addition to the regular suite of Facebook ads there’s now two new payers available to all Facebook Pages – Lead Generation Ads and Instagram Ads.

We have been impatiently waiting for the Instagram Ads for some time and finally have access. These ads will let you use the popularity of the platform to increase engagement and awareness of your business through sponsored images and video, drive traffic to your website, or increase your app downloads. You can read more about this here.

Lead Generation Ads aim to replace the need to create a form fill landing page or Facebook app used to collect data to convert people into your customers. They will be able to easily request a quote, more information on your services or almost anything that will help you create qualifies leads. They are quick to set up but you will need a privacy statement addressing how you will use the information collected. Find out how to set them up here.

These new ad types can be accessed via Power Editor.


You now have the opportunity to better serve your customers with updates to private messaging.

You may have noticed there’s a green icon on some pages you are not an admin of that say “very responsive to messages” and you can get this too! You will need to be pretty on the ball to achieve this with a more than 90% response rate in less than 5 minutes. If this has not been achieved only admins of your page will be able to see your response times and percentages. Once you have unlocked this achievement the icon is visible to everyone. Learn more about his feature here.

Saved Replies are also now a handy feature! you can now make several customised and personalised responses to save you time when dealing with messages to your page. This can also help you achieve the ‘very responsive’ icon. These are very easy to manage via the message section of your page, but if you need some help try here.

Away Messages can be used when you don’t want to be available but don’t want to leave people hanging. Think of it like an out of office message on your email. This feature can only be used for 12 hours at a time. You can find out how this works here.

Instant Replies can be set up from your settings. Go to settings>messaging and it’s right there. This will send a message you save to everyone who messages your page for the first time. These do not affect your response time.

Verified Pages

You can now have your business page verified in Australia. This means it gets given the official tick, making your page rank higher in search results on Facebook and letting users know your page is legit! This can be really easily done via your page settings with either an official document – such as a registration of a business name PDF, or by phone.

mark zuckerberg
Mark has the tick – no surprise.

Having a verified page can be especially helpful to users when there’s many pages with similar names, or if your business has the same name as another overseas entity.

If you need a step by step guide go here.

Carousel Posting

A while back we were given the option of using carousel ads for web clicks via Facebook. These have proven to be very popular – which may be the reason we now have the opportunity to post links to pages in this fashion. At the moment this is still rolling out, and each section of the carousel has the same destination url and description.

Here’s one of our posts:

We wonder if this means in the future we may be able to post more than one link with editable descriptions? For now though, we’ll be tracking to see if these posts offer greater reach or higher engagement than regular link posts.

There’s not much info we could find about these yet, but if you want you could read this article by Social Times.


Or in other words, the way Facebook chose to deal with offering diversity from just “like” without making everything a downer with “dislike”

Meet them here:


So far these are only available to users in Spain and Ireland, unless you have seen Paul Ramondo’s hack. You can also check out his Facebook page.

For now, if you have an international audience you will start seeing these reactions in your insights, but in ad reporting they will all be treated as “likes.”

We think this feature will probably roll out quickly once the limited testing has been completed. Read more on what the reactions mean for page admins here.

New Pages Layout – Desktop

You might have noticed some changes to the way your page looks:

  • Profile Pictures have reduced in size
  • The Page name and category have a smaller font
  • The ‘Like/Share’ etc have moved to under the Cover Photo
  • The ‘Call To Action’ button has moved and become more prominent (it’s blue now)
  • The Tabs algign left under the Cover Photo

New Pages Layout – Mobile

As mobile takes hold as the most popular way we access our Pages there’s been some changes here too.

  • The Call To Action button is much more prominent and blue, taking up the whole width of the page
  • Tabs are now visible (photos, posts, etc)
  • Response Times to Private Messages are indicated with a response icon

You might need to make yourself a new cover photo to make the most of these updates. Try Canva or Pagemodo if you want to do this quickly and easily yourself.

To read more about these try this article from Connecting Element.

So – that’s the end of our update! We’ll be sure to put together more as we get new features to help you be able to apply them to your business pages.

As usual we love your feedback so feel free to comment here, or stop by our social media accounts and have a chat!

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