Four Tips for Better Note Taking in Meetings

SMPerth // 05th July 2016

Note taking is an important transferrable skill that helps us to remember information, it sharpens our focus, and serves as useful documentation/proof. So how can we do a better job of it in meetings?

1. Ditch the laptop

A laptop or tablet are popular methods of note taking today mostly out of convenience, however, research suggests technology makes no measureable improvement to note taking, and only really succeeds in obstructing creative and respectful human interaction.

Old-fashioned pen and paper is much less obtrusive and allows for greater eye contact and improved communication with the group, this is particularly important in creative environments.

2. Go back to basics

Remember the basics of note taking: just highlight the key points, don’t attempt to write down everything that is said.

It is often useful to draft your notes against a meeting agenda to keep yourself on point.

3.  Find a method that works for you

Some people are visual learners, and therefore mind mapping, doodling and creating visual representations of verbal communications is more useful than transcribing bullet points.

Find an approach that works best for you.

4. The Von Restorff effect

We remember things that stand out, also known as the Von Restorff effect.  So if you want to remember something, make it stand out by highlighting or accentuating vital pieces of information. This way, the important information will never get lost in your notes.



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