How Corona Virus Impacts on Influencer Marketing

Izea has recently surveyed 949 U.S internet users to help better predict how consumer behaviours will be affected in the event of a COVID-19 lockdown.

They have taken this data to apply to the Influencer marketing industry and how it will be affected by Corona virus.

This information will hopefully provide guidance for marketers and influencers during such an uncertain and challenging time, while informing and educating decision makers while they continue to run their business.

Sample Population

Let’s have a look at the Internet users that were surveyed.

425 users who self identify as regular social media users, and 524 users who don’t identify as regular social media users.


Wave 1 – 425 Qualified Social Media Users

All respondents required to have self identified as a regular user of social media.

Wave 2 – 524 Qualified General Consumers

All respondents not required to have self identified as a regular user of social media.

Question 1

The users were asked a series of questions to better describe their social media habits during the Corona virus pandemic. The first quesiton was asked to Wave 1 (regular users of social media).

“If confined to your home due to the Coronavirus, which social media platforms do you believe you will use more or less during that period? “


  • 64% usage will increase
  • 22 % stay the same
  • 1.2% slightly less
  • 0.8% significantly less
  • 11.8% don’t use


  • 63% usage will increase
  • 28.3% stay the same
  • 1.4% slightly less
  • 0.7% significantly less
  • 6.4% don’t use


  • 43% usage will increase
  • 19.8% stay the same
  • 2.4% slightly less
  • 0.9% significantly less
  • 33.8% don’t use


  • 34% usage will increase
  • 16.4% stay the same
  • 3.1% slightly less
  • 0.7% significantly less
  • 45.5% don’t use


  • 33% usage will increase
  • 22.8% stay the same
  • 1.7% slightly less
  • 1.2% significantly less
  • 41.8% don’t use
tik tok

The results show:

  • Users expect their usage to significantly increase on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.
  • Facebook has the highest amount of users expected for usage to remain the same at 28.3%. All other platforms were under 20%.

Question 2

“If you were a marketer in charge of allocating ad spend for a consumer product during the Coronavirus outbreak, which form of marketing would you use to get your product in front of consumers while they are confined to their homes? “

wave 1

The results show:

  • Social media Influencer marketing would be the most popular choice for allocating ad spend with 86% of users choosing this form of marketing.

Question 3

“What type of products do you think you might purchase online if you are confined to your home during a Coronavirus outbreak?”

Grocery store items

  • 92% likely or may purchase
  • 74% likely purchase
  • 17.8% may purchase
  • 5.3% unlikely to purchase
  • 1.2% will not purchase

Prescriptions and over the counter medicine

  • 85% likely or may purchase
  • 29.2% likely purchase
  • 32.1% may purchase
  • 21% unlikely to purchase
  • 17.7% will not purchase

Restaurant food delivery

  • 71% likely or may purchase
  • 41.7% likely purchase
  • 29.5% may purchase
  • 15.8% unlikely to purchase
  • 13% will not purchase

Media Games and Entertainment

  • 61% likely or may purchase
  • 29.2% likely purchase
  • 31.1% may purchase
  • 21% unlikely to purchase
  • 17.7% will not purchase

Home fitness gear

  • 40% likely or may purchase
  • 15.1% likely purchase
  • 25.2% may purchase
  • 24.5% unlikely to purchase
  • 35.2% will not purchase

Clothing, beauty, fashion 

  • 57% likely or may purchase
  • 24.7% likely purchase
  • 33% may purchase
  • 28.7% unlikely to purchase
  • 17.7% will not purchase

Home electronics, computers, and technology items

  • 48% likely or may purchase
  • 19.8% likely purchase
  • 28% may purchase
  • 32.7% unlikely to purchase
  • 19.4% will not purchase

social media use

The results show:

  • A whopping 92% of users are likely or may purchase groceries.
  • Groceries, Medicine, and food deliveries are the most popular choice for users to likely make an online purchase. 

How will these results influence consumer behaviour?

As consumers are forced to spend more time indoors, social media use will continue to rise. The survey shows that social media across all platforms is expected to increase, which gives influencers greater opportunity to create meaningful connections with their followers. 

As more people continue to access social media more during COVID-19, the demand for greater content will also increase. Consumers are increasing their expectations with quality of content as their urge to spend also increases, meaning Influencers need to up their game. 

Below are some insights that Izea offers to help Influencers create stronger connections with their followers during COVID-19.

Influencer Stategies

Izea recommends the following strategies to align with consumer spending during Corona virus:

  • Use influencers to tell stories that focus on bringing families “back to the dinner” table together.
  • Position cooking as something that can relieve boredom and teach children new skills at the same time.
  • Food safety will be a concern. National brands can leverage the process and protocols that larger companies bring to food safety. Promote the steps you have taken to reduce COVID-19 impacts
  • Use influencers to tell stories that focus on easing the stress they are currently experiencing. Not having to cook is one less thing to worry about.
  • Choosing a menu item can be a family adventure. Turn ordering into a shared experience where family members are trying something new.
  • Boredom will be at an all-time high for parents and children alike. Entertainment companies have an opportunity to proverbially “save the day”.
  • Use influencers to tell stories about the new content and services they have discovered while confined to their home.

People are looking for familiar faces that they trust and who symbolize a sense of normalcy from a time before this global pandemic.

Check out the post below to see how @alexmichaelmay users a paid parternship with kohls to connect with her followers. She highlights the struggle of working out from home during COVID-19 and gives her followers a solution to anyone struggling with motivation. 


Her content engages audiences by being hyper-aware of the current surroundings. People are much more likely to engage with content that is authentic and tasteful, than that which is ignorant or fluff.

You can read the full report by Izea here.

The next few months will be a time of change and uncertainty. But the overall space will evolve and become more efficient. What changes do you expect?

Sean graduated from Murdoch University in 2017 and went from intern to Account Manager with Coffey & Tea. He also contributes to Social Media Perth.