Instagram, The New YouTube?

Technology is rapidly evolving all of the time and brands are constantly trying to keep up.

YouTube has been the king of video content for so long, but is it time to pass the mantle over to a new and updated social media channel?

 Do you use Instagram to share what you had for lunch? What about keeping up with the latest sport highlights? I am guessing you would have had to look at a short video of your friend’s dogs or cats before. Well after the massive news coming on June 20th Instagram users can now upload video to IGTV.


To celebrate 1 billion users, Instagram is allowing users to use a new software feature that will start to rollout in America and then eventually throughout the world over the next few weeks. Consumers can use IGTV either through the Instagram app or to download the IGTV app separately as users can search content and look at popular videos that have been uploaded.

You can also follow specific channels or search your feed and see what everyone else is watching.  It is one of the riskier strategies to implement and the marketing team must be feeling brave to go up against a video sharing platform in YouTube.

Old vs New Platforms

The question that I am now asking myself is whether I should stick with YouTube or make the change to IGTV? Which platform will successfully keep me entertained and could IGTV become as popular as YouTube eventually?

At the present time, IGTV will not have any ads as it is still fairly new and video content will also have a time limit of 60 MINUTES not 60 SECONDS like normal newsfeed videos. I believe that videos deserve a better home on mobile. YouTube has been the home for video content for numerous years, but they are trying to please both ways in desktop and mobile. IGTV has an optimised feature so that videos on the platform are meant to be played vertically. This is because it is especially made for mobile viewing.

The Future of Video

Kevin Systrom, who launched IGTV predicted that by 2021, mobile content will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic. I think he might actually be very close to the truth with this statement and for the meantime I will see how well IGTV is on mobile but I will stick to YouTube to view video content on my desktop. Both of these platforms have their pros and cons and I will be keen to see how they affect each other in the coming months.


Do you think there is a problem with YouTube or will you be using IGTV as well?

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Tyson has recently graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business, majoring in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations