Is Digital the New Business Card?

Intern-al Issues is a fortnightly blog written by our Intern Claire that looks at the latest issues and trends in digital marketing. Enjoy!

VHS is now replaced with Netflix, photo albums with Facebook and doctors with WebMD (kidding!)

But this got me thinking, is the good ole business card the next thing to go?

From paperless to keyless to walletless, as technology evolves so do the things that surround us. We are continually finding new, convenient and more economical ways of going about our lives and very quickly what was once ubiquitous, is now obsolete.


At the July #SMPerth Networking Drinks, I collected business cards for the door prize. To my surprise, most guests had one. However, those that didn’t had my same thought – are business cards still a thing?  The practice of foraging through your wallet to pull out a bunch of cards that aren’t even yours, only to remember you ran out weeks ago seems inefficient, especially in today’s digital sphere.

Apparently, LinkedIn and I agree. In June, LinkedIn introduced the QR code feature. This new update means members have an individual QR code that others can scan to quickly connect and stay in touch. It’s a virtual business card – and while it may not suit everyone, there is merit in the idea.

LinkedIn isn’t the only one jumping on the business card-less bandwagon. After a quick google search, numerous apps also offer digital alternatives. These apps suggest that digital business cards are the efficient solution to a Rolodex of outdated information, not to mention the environmentally conscious choice.

Our world is digital, kids have laptops in school, offices are paperless and ‘payment rings’ are a thing. I know as a business student; this is where the emphasis lies. Computer technology in its entirety is widely adopted; therefore digital interaction both personally and professionally is becoming the norm.

With the new, tech-savvy, environmentally aware generation coming through the ranks, it is easy to see that old business traditions are fading. While I have nothing against the trusty business card, I can only assume that it’ll be joining the floppy disk soon.

Claire is currently studying a double degree in Internet Communications and Marketing with a minor in Advertising. She drinks her coffee black, has a weird affinity for Aussie hip-hop and has never had a speeding fine.