Is Instagram The New Platform For Music?

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Instagram has never been the main social media platform for sound – Spotify and iTunes have dominated the music market for years and years.

It could all be about to change.

As people struggle to find a way to be creative some people flourish. Jaden Smith has found a new way to capture the attention of just about everyone.  He was following in his father’s footsteps of becoming an actor and rapper and now he can add creative mastermind to that mix as well.


The budding rapper has released SYRE: The Electric Album, it is an interpretation of his album from last year, solely through Instagram. You can’t even go to a streaming music service to check it out. This way he can also easily keep track of exactly how many views his whole album is receiving.

The format is obviously not a normal approach when it comes to releasing music, but it also allows the talented star to sell his work as you cannot download other people’s videos on Instagram just yet. He has purposely cut his song into multiple posts for followers to keep interacting with each one. His account is made up of strategically placed posts to give maximum engagement with his followers.

I don’t think too many people would go down this route though as he isn’t making any money off of these views. Smith fell off the radar for a few years, as his last blockbuster movie was After Earth in 2013, where he starred alongside his father. He is more focuses on his music career and form the looks of things, it is going extremely well.

Building his brand

Releasing this album is great for his personal brand as many people would appreciate the creativity in his music.  It can show how people are trying to think outside the square and be different. People are starting to use new technology and social media to their advantage.  This suggests that new and upcoming stars could make a habit for delivering minor no-risk albums this way.

If you are not expecting to make much money off of a certain song you should try to be as creative as you can with it. A few weeks ago, Smith dropped a new single called Ghost. It also happened to contain the phrase “Erys Will Return,” which is a clear indication of this updated electric version of his 2017 full-length album.


I think people will continue to be as creative as possible and try to find new ways to engage with their audiences. As new technology is becoming available and social media rising to unprecedent levels, I think there will be a lot more posts from artists like this in the near future.


You can view Jaden Smith’s latest album, Syre here

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