3 Big Reasons Why You Should Favourite Tweets

Adam Barrell // 27th January 2014

Incase you haven’t noticed favouriting Tweets is now becoming a thing on Twitter. But what relevance does it have? And should you be clicking the star on Tweets?

The simple answer is yes.

What is a favourite tweet? defines it as a Favourite represented by a small star icon next to a Tweet, are most commonly used when users like a Tweet. Favoriting a Tweet can let the original poster know that you liked their Tweet, or you can save the Tweet for later.

Create your own Twitter Archive – Bookmarks
Previously I have talked about how you can ‘Make Sense of the Twitter Noise‘, so now once you are now able to easily find quality tweets and interact with them, favouriting a Tweet will now allow you to create your own archive of Tweets. Creating your own archive of Tweets will allow you to be able to store Tweets so you can easily access them at a later stage.

Found a great article/photo that you want to read or interact with the author but don’t have the time? Hit Favourite and revisit the tweet when you can.

Want to create a weekly Top 10 of amazing photos or industry based articles? Hit Favourite so at the end of the week/month you can go back and review all your Favourite Tweets and select the best to showcase.

Increase your Twitter Followers
When you Hit Favourite on a users Tweet the user is then notified. Once the user has been notified they will see who has favourited their Tweet and could then interact with you, view your Twitter account and and ultimately follow you.

Twitter’s “like” Button
The favourite button has fast become a ‘Like’ button for Twitter users. If a tweet isn’t considered RT worthy a user might see it as a favourite-tweet instead.

Also Twitter users who view your profile will also be able to see all the Tweets that you have previously favourited by clicking on your favourites tab.

Favouriting a Tweet is now another level of interaction you can use to optimise your Twitter account. If you aren’t favouriting Tweets, Hit Favourite now and enjoy an even better Twitter experience.


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