[RECAP] Marketing Disrupted: CX & Innovation Forum 2017

Reality bites.

ADMA WA played host to the Marketing Disrupted: CX & Innovation Forum as over 200 of Perth’s marketing professionals came together for a day of learning and discussion about the future of our industry.

Things kicked off bright and early at PCEC with Octagon’s Adam Hodge and Milkmoney’s Matt Taylor discussing VR/360 Innovation in brand storytelling & customer engagement. The enthusiastic presentation explained how AR/VR and 360-video are revolutionising customer engagement and gave us a behind the scenes look at the award-winning ‘Inside Anfield’ campaign from Standard Chartered and Liverpool FC.

While it may be cliche and don’t roll your eyes, good storytelling is definitely the key to success in the marketing landscape. However, in our world of overstimulation, how do we get our customers to truly engage with our brands and remember our ever so carefully crafted messages? We allow them to experience them. Did you know that there is 27% higher brand engagement in VR?

Experience is the new way of storytelling. VR allows customers to experience the near impossible allowing marketers to capture minds AND hearts as studies have shown that the brain encodes a VR experience as a memory rather than something that was just watched.

But remember, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. VR and AR are shiny new things, yes, but are they the right thing for your brand? What is your objective? It is not to create a VR/AR application… it is to create conversions – and VR/AR are a new way to help reach that objective.

Our key takeaway?


We need to create thumb-stopping moments.

Facebook’s Justin Hoile took the stage next to share how disruptors, challengers and incumbents are using the world’s largest social platform to drive engagement and multiply growth.

He gave some incredible insights on Australian trends, challenges and opportunities and highlighted that the future is mobile; at least as far as Facebook is concerned. There are now 7.9 BILLION mobile phones out there – that’s more than 100 countries where ownership exceeds the population. Did you know that people consume info faster on a mobile: 2.5s on the computer, 1.7s on mobile? There are 12 million Australians who access the platform on their mobile EVERY day, spending an average of 56 minutes throughout the day.

The crowd went crazy for doughnuts as he shared the story of a local business who was enamoured with the results they were getting from Facebook ads. Then there were the stats. So many stats. It is absolutely amazing how much can happen in just a minute. Check out our Storify for a recap of all the stats.

Our key takeaway?


Never has there been a bigger panel!

We were thrilled to see such a fantastic collection of industry leaders for the panel “Tackling the new world order: The convergence of creativity, technology and data”. Martin Beecroft, Meerkats, Carlo Bertozzi, LongtailAlice Manners, Cash ConvertersBrad Morris, 303 MullenLoweJoan O’Reilly, Isobar, Marie Mayer, General Manager Marketing, Silverchain and Luke Williams, Australian Catholic University were corralled by Gavin Bain as they bantered over augmented and virtual reality, UX, and the rise of CX driving change across the marketing and advertising industry, thus creating new and exciting opportunities for brands to build deeper customer engagement.

Is technology a conduit or a solution? A question that raised quite a few opinions. What do you think? It was interesting to hear Beecroft and Manners trade professional opinions… in the end, we were reminded to remember the context – just because we can use the tech does not mean that we should. Also, don’t forget about your foundations. If you cannot handle basic SEO, what are you doing playing with the shiny things? As Luke Williams said, there’s a growing gap between those who are getting it right and those who are still pushing it uphill.

Silverchain is doing some incredible things in the VR space – we had no idea! Look into it. Seriously.

Our key takeaway? Do we only get one for this section??


Agile Marketing. Are you ready?

The Forum’s keynote kicked off after lunch as Deakin University’s Trisca Scott-Branagan share her insights into how the next wave of disruption is process. We all know how difficult it can be to get through bureaucracy, but that just doesn’t work in an environment that is changing so fast. By enabling an agile methodology to take on real-time marketing opportunities, Scott-Branagan shared how her team at Deakin is disrupting traditional management approaches while delivering results.

From explaining how she reduced a 160-step process to coping with the launch of 4 significant campaigns back to back, guests were amazed by the change from a waterfall approach to agile where individual interactions have to be king over processes and tools.

Our key takeaway?



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