Seven West Media newspapers will reach 60% of WA

SMPerth // 29th September 2016

One in two West Australians currently read their eponymous newspaper The West Australian in print and digitalWith the purchase of News Corp’s Sunday Times title and Perth Now website and app, the combined reach of Seven West Media’s newspapers will increase to three in five, Roy Morgan Research shows. Add in its television network and magazine publishing arm, and Seven West Media will soon have access to more than six in seven West Australians.

Print Newspaper Readership

800,000 West Australians 14+ (37.4%) read print editions of The West Australian in an average week, the latest Roy Morgan Readership results to June 2016 show. 399,000 (18.7%) read the print Sunday Times—299,000 of whom also read The West Australian: giving Seven West Media an additional 100,000 print newspaper readers per week overall.  

Digital Newspaper Readership

However the acquisition of News Corp’s WA newspaper properties also includes the digital property Perth Now, accessed by 555,000 West Australians in an average week via website or app (25.9%)—compared with 501,000 (23.4%) who read The West Australian via its Yahoo microsite. Combined, 802,000 West Australians (37.5%) read one or both newspaper titles via digital in an average week.

Cross-Platform Newspaper Audiences

Overall, the total cross-platform newspaper reach in West Australia of The West Australian across print and digital is now 1,058,000 (49.4%)—which will increase by 236,000 to 1,294,000 with the addition of the Sunday Times and Perth Now: three in five West Australians (60.5%) will be reading newspaper content published by Seven West Media in an average week.

All together now: combined reach of Seven West Media and News Corp newspapers in WA

Sources: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, July 2015 – June 2016, sample n = 5,840 West Australians 14+


As well as cross-platform measurement, Roy Morgan’s research further identifies the broader cross-media reach of Seven West Media in WA. Including Network Seven TV audiences—that is, everyone who tunes in to watch Channel 7, 7TWO, 7Mate, 7flix and regional affiliates during the week—1,706,000 West Australians (79.7%) now consume Seven West Media newspaper or TV content. The purchase of Sunday Times and Perth Now will add 86,000 (the relatively few people who read those titles but not The West Australian and don’t watch any Network Seven TV), for total state-wide reach of 1,792,000 (83.8%).


Seven West Media also owns Pacific Magazines: add magazine readers into the mix alongside The West Australian, the Sunday Times, Perth Now, and Network Seven, the total footprint and influence of Kerry Stokes’ Seven West Media in the WA market will be 86.2%, up from 83.0% today.

Michele Levine, CEO – Roy Morgan Research, says:

“The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission this week gave the green light to Seven West Media’s purchase of News Corp’s newspaper properties in WA.

“The ACCC noted that the availability of digital news—whether it’s the website or app of a local title, an interstate masthead, or an online-only or international publisher—means that consumers today have plenty of choice even when there’s one dominant newspaper publisher in the local market. Around one in four West Australians already read other Australian news and newspaper websites based outside WA.

“Our research shows that the online component of Seven West’s acquisition contributes the most to its expanded reach. While the Sunday Times increases Seven West Media’s print audience by 100,000 readers, Perth Now adds 301,000 to digital and generates a combined cross-platform audience increase of nearly a quarter of a million.  

“Roy Morgan Single Source has long been able to produce cross-platform reach across TV, web, print and other media, as well as show what contribution each media makes. This ability to isolate the effect of individual media within a total cross platform framework is exactly what publishers and marketers need. In a fragmented landscape, a collaborative approach to measuring cross platform campaigns is vital.” 

Source: Roy Morgan Research


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