Here’s your Content Marketing World 2019 wrap

Do better with less.

SMPerth founder Meg Coffey recently travelled to Content Marketing World 2019 in Cleveland to find out all the latest trends, tips and tricks. What did she learn?

Well, if we want to be effective marketers – not just content marketers, but masters of our industry – we need to do more with less, that old quality over quantity chestnut.

Here’s a recap from the sessions she attended and commentary from some of the best.

Slow down.


Don’t half ass two things, whole ass one thing.

Don’t rule out email marketing

Education is where it’s at

It’s our job to better educate our bosses, we can’t expect them to “just get it” and understand why content marketing is a vital part of the overall strategy.

Our favourites were just too good!

And one tiny pet peeve…

So that’s it in a very narrow look. Content Marketing World 2019 is the largest and most reputable conference on the topic; attendance should be on everyone’s professional development bucket list.

Didn’t make it to Content Marketing World 2019? The State of Social is a bit closer to home – we’d love to see you there!

Originally from Texas and now proudly Australian, the “Texstralian” is all about hard work, calculated risks and has a great ‘gift of the gab’. While Meg is a hospitality and tourism sector specialist, her skill and understanding of “social” translates to any application, and she leads the charge for digital empowerment across Australia.