Nick Randall (Tribe) speaking at State of Social

Nick Randall – chief revenue officer of TRIBE, the world’s fastest growing marketplace connecting brands with micro-influencers, shared his thoughts at the State of Social Conference at Optus Stadium.

Nick delivered an indepth look at the role of influence in today’s digital marketing landscape.

“Right now is a great time to be working with influencer marketing. This is where we see audience influence coming out of the darkness in terms of innovation,” he said.

Nick RandallHe says the past year has seen large changes with algorithms for both Instagram and Facebook, which means ‘Micro Influencers’ are getting a much higher engagement rate than ‘Macro Influencers’ and content marketing companies like TRIBE are harnessing their power.

“You get down to those people between 3000 – 5000 and up to 25,000 followers and you just see the engagement absolutely soar and that makes sense, because that is someone you know personally or they’re one step removed from you and they’re a real trusted source in information and usually they’re crafting that content in a realm that they’re absolutely passionate about.

Whether it’s cooking, beauty, entertainment or sport you’re already engaged and you’re already leaning into that” he said.

Despite the algorithm changes, he said beautiful content is still king and the only way you ensure successful engagement with your target market, “demand to see the content up front and you choose to work with the ones that you like,” he said.

“So for a brand working with Micro Influencers you nail brand safety and everything is really on your terms and you’re finding those people who have already bought your product. So they’re your customers and what better people to spread the word about your brand,” he said.

He also warns to be wary of influencer fraud and ensure you’re utilising technology to help identify this, “any platform you’re working with, make sure they’ve got mechanisms in place to check for influencer fraud. Really stay ahead of the curve in terms of different formats that people are acquiring followers illegitimately and then do a manual check too. That’s just a final verification process,” he said.