#SMPerthSOS HIGHLIGHTS // Influence Panel Session [VIDEO]

Our influence panel looks at where influence currently sits in the marketing mix and where the experts see it going in the near future.

Ethics, behaviour and transparency are some of the biggest issues facing the direction of influence marketing. Our influence panel discusses the importance of using the product that you are endorsing. You need to love the product, otherwise, the consumer has a knack for finding out very quickly.

To quote #SMPerth’s recent Internal Issues blog by Claire Oswald: “Social media breeds transparency so brands must do their due-diligence before implementing any type of influencer campaign.”

The panel session included:

  • Barb de Corti, Enjo
  • Danielle Norrish, The Communications Council
  • Anna Franklyn, The Urban List
  • Facilitator: Nic Hayes, Media Stable



See what our other speakers had to say about behaviour.