State of Social ’19: Not your average conference


Stand out and step up in a world of so-so social and dull digital.

Grab your State of Social 2019 tickets and join the industry’s discerning digiterati at Australia’s most unconferencey, unforgettable, unaverage conference.

We’ve rounded up all the things on your ‘Why I don’t go to conferences’ list, packed them up and sent them express to the big conference hall in the sky. May they rest in peace.

Colourless keynotes? Never.
Monotonous monologues? No chance.
Paltry panels? No napping here.
Lackluster lunch menus? As if.
Mediocre coffee breaks? Wouldn’t dream of it.

We’ve taken the things you love – and a gamut of goodies we can’t talk about just yet – and somehow squished them all into the most unconferencey day of social and digital enlightenment.

Find your social and digital tribe

Make connections. Make new friends. It’s all good.

You’ll be surrounded by people who live and love social and digital. People who want to be and learn from the best. Your people.

Find your digital marketing muse

It doesn’t matter how many freebies there are in your gift bag, a conference will only ever be as good as its speaking talent. That’s why we handpick our speakers so selectively.

No spruiking salespeople. No babbling blowhards. Just insightful, inspirational iconoclasts shining the brightest of lights on the social and digital trends of tomorrow.

How could we possibly beat last year’s rollcall of digital marketing royalty? Watch this space.

Find whatever makes you go ‘Mmmm’ or ‘Ahhh’

From a mouthwatering menu of foodie treats, to a day-long feast of brain food. From your barista-crafted morning coffee, to your tipple of choice at the sundowner. From a complimentary break-time massage, to a cuddle with our special guests (more about that later).


With State of Social 2019, we’re making Australia’s most unconferencey conference bigger, better and even more unconferencey. Be there. Or be somewhere very, very average.

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Give me my ticket already!