How to convince your boss to let you go to State of Social

Desperately want to go to the State of Social, but your boss just isn’t convinced yet?

We’ve got the goods to help you persuade them to approving your ticket this June!

State of Social will gather marketing and communication professionals for an engaging look at current and future trends in social media and digital marketing. Making it one of the most dynamic marketing conferences in Australia, and the first of it’s kind in Perth. Plus we’re spending the day at Optus Stadium, seriously, how cool is that?

#SMPerthSOS will provide a networking platform for educators, thought leaders, students, and professionals to exchange insights related to innovations and trends in social media and digital marketing.

If that’s not enough, a brilliant group of talented guest speakers will join us for an in-depth chat about opportunities and challenges that the industry is currently facing.

We’re in Perth

Yep, you read that right. The State of Social is in Perth. Your hometown! There’s no flights needed, no accommodation and no travel time required. If that’s not the best bonus of all we don’t know what is.

Networking, duh.

We know the importance of networking and attending industry events and the State of Social will give you access to the leading experts in their fields and an opportunity to ask for their take on the latest trends.

Chat with your colleagues and meet new faces within the marketing and communications industry in Perth. Start a conversation with a stranger – who knows they could even be a future client or partner for your company!

Actual ROI.

That’s right, not only will you be able to meet new and engaging people but you will be able to gain a ton of knowledge from our guest speakers – they are leaders in their field and bring in a wealth of knowledge about the digital marketing industry.

We’re tired of going to conferences where it’s the same old info and usual speakers. State of Social is different – we promise.

Explain to your boss what you plan on learning here (lots!) and how beneficial it will be – show them how you can relay the information you gain back to them. Volunteer to write a blog post about the conference on the company website; this will add great content to their website and shows that your company is involved in the local community.

Budgets don’t roll over.

Have some spare funds in the training budget? EOFY is nearly upon us and you know that it’s a case of use it or lose it. The State of Social is the perfect place to upskill and then get that ROI we just talked about.

Work for yourself?

This is easy because you don’t have to persuade your boss to come – you are the boss. Just purchase a ticket!

The learnings you will get from this event will give you the extra motivation and knowledge you need to finish that upcoming project.


Now, go straight to the boss’ office, and we’ll see you at the State of Social at Optus Stadium on the 26th June 2018. You can purchase your ticket here.