How to manipulate, we mean, convince your boss to buy your SOS ’19 ticket for you


With a rollcall of social and digital marketing royalty on the bill, State of Social 2019 tickets are being snapped up faster than Facebook’s algorithms change.

Time to dust off the company credit card and get your boss on board (and thinking that buying a ticket was their idea all along).

Tactic #1: Make your boss think they’re on Shark Tank

Anything that generates more value than it costs is an investment, not an expense.

So, when you convince your boss, focus on the upside of investing in a State of Social ticket. The potential to up your company’s digital marketing results. The knowledge you can share with your colleagues. The immediate and ongoing return on your boss’s very wise investment.

Tactic #2: Make ‘yes’ easier to say

Ask your boss what they would like to achieve, marketing-wise, in 2019. They’re likely to say something like ‘generate more leads’ or ‘boost conversions’ or ‘double sales’.

Then ask, ‘Are you willing to invest in my training to help us do that?’ What sort of boss would say ‘no’?

Tactic #3: Think like car salesman

You walk into a car showroom to buy a $30,000 car. The salesman shows you a $45,000 car, then a $34,000 car. Suddenly, the $34,000 car looks like a good option, despite being $4,000 over budget.

If your boss is wavering on the cost (sorry, the ‘investment’), present them with two options:

  1. The very affordable State of Social 2019 ticket (available for just $495 excl. GST).
  2. The extortionate cost of attending a conference in the USA (over AU$2,000 for the top ticket, plus airfare, hotel and expenses). Your boss could send your whole team to State of Social 2019 for that.

Tactic #4: Break it down for your boss

There’s a reason software and streaming services switched to subscriptions: paying $10 a month is way more palatable than finding a one-off-upfront payment running to hundreds of bucks. Who misses $10 a month, right?

Break the cost of your State of Social 2019 ticket down into monthly installments. Nab a general admission ticket and that’s $41.25 (excl. GST) per month for a year. Just $41.25 to bask in the brilliance of digital marketing’s most brilliant minds and return to work brimming with game-changing ideas. It’s a steal!

Tactic #5: Tap into your boss’s FOMO

You know that general admission option we just mentioned? It’s only available before 1 June 2019. Your boss really needs to pull their finger and credit card out.

Can’t face your boss?

Too easy. Simply copy, paste and customise our email template and let our words do all the hard work to convince your boss.

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