State of Social ’19 // The Video Version

Ain’t no conference like a State of Social conference!

At a time when the marketing landscape is changing faster than Facebook’s algorithms, State of Social ’19 is a solid rock of knowledge towering from the rolling sea of social and digital innovation.

It’s a place where we plainly pose and adroitly answer the question ‘Where to from here?’

State of Social ’19 was the biggest social media event Perth has ever seen. It redefined what social media and marketing professionals can expect from an event, in terms of the quality of speakers, the venue, and the hospitality on offer.

The swag bag every delegate received was unrivaled in generosity. The international keynote speakers made themselves available for questions and conversations throughout the event.

Perth marketers and social media professionals were treated to a riveting day of best practice, expert opinion and insight from international social media pioneers about what we can expect in the future.

Video by Ammon Creative.



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