The Digital Marketing Trend – What’s in Store for 2015

Jayde Ferguson // 18th February 2015

Keeping ahead of the game is hard – especially in the world of online marketing. With the digital world evolving every single day, keeping your finger on the pulse is absolutely essential if you want to make an impact. From a business perspective, it’s near impossible to ignore the digital marketing boom. It’s everywhere you look and like it or not – we need it.

As we make our way into the New Year, the digital marketing predictions are in place and already we’ve seen them start to define our marketing strategies. What’s in store for 2015 and how can you make it work for you and your brand? Find out here!

1. Drive Your Content with Visuals

There’s no denying that content is crowned king and this royal status isn’t going away any time soon. Over the years, content marketing has taken a strong stance in the promotion strategies of businesses and defined itself as a necessary tactic to get your brand out there.

For 2015 the need for fresh and enticing content is stronger than ever – but with a much needed visual boost. According to recent research by Bell Pottinger, blog posts with visuals will drive 180% more engagement than those that don’t. Infographics and sharp, creative images will ensure content will be the key to storytelling and be designed in such a way other people can understand and interpret it too. Once this storytelling element has been effectively met, the word spreads and significant value is added to your brand. Winning, right?

2. Social Media IS the Place to be

Now I don’t mean squeezing your daily dose in on your lunch breaks, I’m talking about strategically reaching out to your customers. The best way to know your audience and relate to them is to be where they are – and for many businesses and brands, that’s on social media.

The biggest challenge with social media is deciding exactly which platform your business should (or shouldn’t) be using. Every week, it seems as new platforms are springing up it’s no wonder why people get fed up with trying to work out what’s best for them. The answer? Trial and error.

To truly be of value, the social media platforms you chose need to have a very large audience. With that, Facebook and Twitter spring straight to mind. Why not think outside the box though and opt for networks that cater for a special niche, for example Pinterest. Taking a slightly different approach may be the perfect tool this year for you.

In 2015, real-time social media marketing will mature and have a great influence than ever – making social media really the place to be.

3. Mobile is the Norm, not the Exception

There’s no denying the power of the mobile phone these days. Last year, predictions were made that mobile phones and tablets would overtake fixed internet. Whilst we’re still a little way off that yet, 80% of the population are using mobile phone devices to search the internet as opposed to the 91% on a PC or laptop. The figures are definitely booming and now it’s no longer a case of determining whether mobile marketing is important or not – we know it is and it’s essential we’re on board with it.

For 2015, mobile optimised sites will be a standard. We’ve seen the increase throughout 2014 but a few brands and businesses were still falling behind. In order to make mobile optimisation the norm – not the exception – mobile web design must have a focus on simplicity and sophistication. Even for the most expensive branding campaign, it’ll all go to waste if the mobile experience is lacking. That being said, 2015 is the perfect time to invest in a quality mobile experience.

4. Wearing the Internet is Cool

With Google bringing out their very own set of Internet glasses, and fitness bands with GPS trackers nearly the norm the hottest technology around at the moment is wearables. For the New Year, an estimation of 79 million wearables will be sold and specifically, smart watches will be very cool.

Regardless of whether or not wearing the Internet is something that fits with your lifestyle and wardrobe, it’s an appealing marketing perspective – and very effective. The World Wide Web is here to stay and it’s only going to evolve further. Jumping on board for this marketing advantage will be Apple in 2015, said to release a smartwatch which will mark one of its most important and brand-reinforcing launches in years.

5. 3D Printing will Boom

In an era that’s dominated by digital marketing, print has been classified as outdated for a while now. But what about taking printing to the next level? A 3D level! We’ve seen the excitement and impact surrounded by 3D movies and 3D TV, so it’s really no surprise that 3D printing is the next big thing.

According to the BRW, the growth of this new development will be driven by kids. It will prove that technology is maturing and present a fantastic marketing opportunity for brands and businesses with 20% of retailers predicted to be using 3D printing by 2017. The global 3D printing market will boom from $2.5 billion in 2013 to $16.2 billion by 2018. Over the years, print has proven to be an effective way to reach a target audience. With the advancements of technology and 3D printing, this should only improve.

With innovation after innovation, marketing strategies are forever changing to try and adapt to this tech-infused world. Thus, it’s more crucial than ever to keep your finger on the pulse and take advantage of these developments for your own business and brand.

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