The Top Digital Marketing Tools Used in Perth in 2014

We recently conducted a brief survey asking the SMPerth community to provide us with valuable insight on how the digital marketers of Perth go about finding, creating, scheduling and reporting their online marketing activities. The results of this research have been collated and presented below.

Top tools for Social Media Scheduling

  • Hootsuite: 54%
  • Facebook Activity Log: 49%

54% of respondents chose Hootsuite as their go to digital tool for scheduling social media content in advance. Hootsuite is a social media management tool that gives its users multi-channel feeds of their social media activity in real time. It also allows you to schedule all of your social media activity in advance across these channels- an essential time saver for the busy online marketer. ??Hootsuite has entry level packages for up to 3 social profiles for free, click here for more info.

Top Content Discovery Tools

  • Pinterest: 58%
  • Google Image Search: 56%

58% of respondents discover new content through Pinterest, with Google Image Search (56%) coming a close second.

Top Social Listening Tools

  • Sprout Social: 21%
  • SocialBro: 18%
  • Social Mention: 18%
  • Radian: 11%

Social listening platforms allow businesses to effortlessly align data from their online communities with their social media marketing strategy and business goals. Sprout Social was used the most by digital marketers in Perth during 2014, with both SocialBro and SocialMention coming a close second.

Top Website Performance Tracking Tools

Unsurprisingly, Google Analytics was the go to website performance tracking tool, with 92.11% of respondents using this platform during 2014.

Link Shortening Tools

Link shortening tools allow online marketers to track clicks and create URLs that are both short and optimised for vanity. 64.10% of respondents choose bit.ly as their go to link shortening service of choice.

Top Social Media Reporting Tools

81% of respondents chose Facebook Analytics as their go to social media reporting platform during 2014. Google Analytics came in second, with 70% of respondents tracking their social media marketing with the free platform.

Primary Social Media Platforms used for Clients

  • Facebook: 72%
  • Twitter: 33%
  • Instagram: 21%
  • LinkedIn: 38%

72% of respondents chose Facebook as their primary social media channel used by their clients, with 61% of respondents reporting that Facebook delivers the highest return on investment (see section 8).

Social Media Platforms that deliver the highest ROI

  • Facebook: 61%
  • Twitter: 24%
  • Instagram: 13%


Thank you to everyone that got involved and provided us with your feedback. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Source: Data Collected from the SMPerth Digital Marketing Tools Survey 2014 – data collected allowed users to select multiple answers in each section, statistics quoted above represent the total number of respondents that selected that line item
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