Trump vs Jong-un vs Internet

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In today’s society it still intrigues me how news can be brought to a consumer in many different ways.

 A historic meeting happened the other week and no I am not talking about the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers matchup in the final.

Donald Trump, the president of the USA and Kim Jong-Un, leader of North Korea met in Singapore to sign an agreement on the denuclearisation of North Korea’s nuclear weapons. It had a pretty big agenda in terms of what gets discussed in meetings…

Up To Date Live Streams

As I was scrolling through various social media channels I was stunned by the number of different pages and links there were, to this historic meeting. I can tell you that you would not have missed it if you were on social media at this point in time as it was happening live. There were live streams, pictures, reports and announcements all over my news feeds. After an hour there were already numerous memes and images pointing fun at the meeting. It was the internet just doing its thing.

I often wonder how fast news can spread these days. I tend to think about what life would be like without looking at new content from social media every two seconds. Even if I am not on social media, push notifications still popup talking about new content.

Is it Good or Bad?

Is this is a good or bad thing that we are oversaturated with news content 24 hours a day? If something were to happen on the other side of the world, people in Australia would know in seconds through our phones. Daily life was never like this going back many years ago. There were limited sources to receive news and most people only found out breaking stories through the newspapers.

This gets me onto if traditional news media is still relevant? Most people understand that older generations are still consuming traditional media such as newspapers and radio and I don’t think that will change for a while.

Most of the traditional news outlets have transformed and they are starting to use some sort of digital, mobile or social platforms to spread stories.  Consumers can get notified in seconds if there is breaking news rather than wait to the end of the day to hear about it on the news bulletin. I think both traditional and social media will still be important and co-exist for the next couple of decades but who knows what the future will hold.


Do you think there is a problem, that we as consumers get oversaturated with up to date news content or do you think it is fair enough as we are now living in the twenty-first century with new and updated digital technology?


Tyson Spensieri
Tyson has recently graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business, majoring in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations