Twitter Alerts come to Australia

SMPerth // 24th December 2013

In times of crisis, the public rely on emergency services, government organisations and charities to share critical information as quickly as possible. With the launch of Twitter Alerts in Australia, Twitter is making it easier for those organisations to get that critical information to the right people at the right time.

It’s a new system which will be used by such public organisations as police and fire rescue services to send critical information to people during emergencies and natural disasters.

More than a dozen organisations have signed up to the Twitter Alerts programme to date, including the Australian state police force from five states, several state fire services, the Red Cross, and key national and local government departments. The full list of participating public institutes and their Twitter handles includes:

Twitter Alerts launched in the U.S., Japan and Korea in September, followed by the UK and Ireland in November, and have already been used in a number of emergency situations.



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