How Journalists Can Best Use Facebook and Instagram [VIDEO]

Facebook and Instagram aren’t just places to share beautiful or to keep your family and friends posted about your current trip overseas.

These two social media giants are great sources of information that can let your followers know about important news that is happening all over the world, making social media one of the most powerful tools that journalists can use.

In this video we will explain how journalists can use Facebook and Instagram to connect with their audience and have their content viewed higher in their followers News Feed.



You can read the full post here, explaining how Journalists can best use Facebook and Instagram.

Below is a snippet of the full post:

acebook rewards posts in the News Feed with strong signals. The stronger the signals is a direct correlation to your News Feed ranking. The signals are:

  • Personal signals: This determines how closely users interacts with the user or account that has shared a post. This checks signals like how many times a person has interacted with the poster.
  • Universal signals: The number of Likes, comments, shares and other engagement metrics that a post has drawn.
  • Real-time signals: If a large amount of people interact with a particular topic, or if a certain post from a page is getting a ton of reactions, Facebook treats is as if the post or topic might be temporarily valuable to followers at that time.

Facebook’s research shows that people want to be informed and entertained on their News Feed.

To get your content to the top of the News Feed, Facebook suggests to:

  • Make your posts timely
  • Build credibility, relevance and trust with your audience
  • Post frequently

Are you a journalist? What are your go-to tools for finding breaking news? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!