How to Respond to Reviews on Facebook [VIDEO]

Reviews are a powerful source of customer feedback and provide the opportunity to interact with customers.

Facebook reviews will teach you about what you are doing well, and more importantly, what areas you may need to improve on. Whether that be technical issues on your website, customer service quality, or product issues, reviews are a goldfield waiting to be mined.

So grab your pick-axe and let’s dig into how you should respond to reviews to create the best results for your business.

We’ve also made an in-depth post that covers reviews for Facebook and Google.

You can check out a snippet below:


Reviews appear in the ‘Reviews or Recommendations section’ on your Facebook business page. Replying to reviews is just one way to establish your brand’s voice. In comparison to Google, your business has the option to disable Facebook reviews.  While you may have the option to turn it off, it’s best practice not to

A recent study by G/O digital found that Facebook was the top social channel (62%) when it came to users researching local businesses. With such a large audience relying on Facebook to educate them about a business, it’s essential that you give your customers as much as information as possible – and that includes reviews.

Remember that if you are disabling reviews, you are stopping people who may want to provide a positive review. In fact, Facebook has the most positive reviews when compared to Google, TripAdvisor and Yelp.