Social Media Tools for 2020 [VIDEO]

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of tools out there.

But where do you start? We’ve put together the ultimate list of social media tools for 2020, including the ones that we absolutely can’t live without. Like desert island, only one item, it would be this kind of can’t live without.

Here’s our video of our favourite list of social media marketing tools, broken down by category as we see fit.

You can check out the full-length post here.

We’ve included a snipped of the full-length post below:

Be best in your writing

  • Grammarly – from plagiarism to just poor content, this plug-in keeps us sounding our absolute best
  • Word Hippo – when you need to find another word for something, or a word that rhymes with something, or an example of a word being used in a sentence. This is the word tool that will save you over and over again!
  • Hemingway Editor – this will improve your writing. The app highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors and shows you how to fix them.

Email is the future

  • Mailchimp – where would we be without these crazy monkeys? We love everything about this platform when it comes to our email marketing. Get involved.
  • WiseStamp – looking for a tool to create a great looking email signature? This is for you! Plus you can also use it for signing documents online too.

Have we missed anything? We would love to hear your favourite social media tool in the comments below!