Social Media Use in Australia [VIDEO]

Social Media use continues to grow! There is no slowing it down – especially in Australia.

We’ve made a video of the best stats about social media use in Australia.

If these 10 stats aren’t enough for you, check out the full post here. It contains 30 stats!


Check out 10 more stats from the full post!

  1. 88% of active Facebook accounts have downloaded the Facebook app
  2. 52% of Facebook profiles are male while 48% are female.
  3. The average time per visit for Instagram’s website is 5 minutes and 23 seconds.
  4. The average amount of pages that YouTube users click on is 4.79 per visit.
  5. 54% of people prefer to use a smartphone when accessing a social media network while 46% of people prefer a computer.
  6. On Facebook the average monthly change in page likes is up 0.24%.
  7. 57% of Australians use mobile messengers.
  8. 48% of users watch videos from YouTube on mobile.
  9. WhatsApp is the fourth most downloaded social media app behind Facebook Messenger, Facebook and Instagram.
  10. Every time someone likes your Facebook post, there is a 20.8% chance their friends have seen your post pop up on their newsfeed.
  11. Your posts are 40.7% more likely to be seen if you use sponsored ads on social media.