Social Mentions Tools [VIDEO]

Are you listening and responding to conversations being had about your business on social media?

You might reply to your Facebook notifications quickly, but are you tracking your social mentions across all platforms by using one of the many social mention tools?

To gain a broad understanding about our brand, it is important for us to ‘listen’. There is an abundance of social mention tools that can help you gather insights and analysis about your brand. Social mention tools work by constantly crawling social media sites for keywords, queries, locations, or other data that you choose to filter.

To make life easier for your social media management we have compiled a list of top tools for social mentions.

You can read the full-length post here for a complete breakdown of the tools.

Below is a snippet of the full post:

Brand 24


Brand 24 is a tool that gives you immediate access to social media mentions, which allows you to improve your brand’s reputation. If you are wanting to find leads or identify possible new customers than Brand 24 is a great platform for you. They have a visually appealing aesthetic and the interface is very simple to use.

Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube

Key features:

  • Mentions Feed
  • Discussion Volume Chart
  • Influence Score
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Data Exporting
  • Keyword Filtering

Price: $49/mo



TweetDeck is the official Twitter (you guessed it) management tool that allows you to manage various Twitter accounts. You can keep track of mentions, keywords, messages, Twitter lists, and more. This tool is easy to use, you just sign in with your Twitter email – no signup is necessary.

Platform: Twitter

Price: Free

Have we missed one of your favourite social mention tools? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.