Are you using virtual background on your Zoom calls?

Zoom has undoubtedly taken the world by storm when it saw an added 2 million users since much of the world stepped into a new normal.

Businesses and individuals having to navigate through the requirements of lockdowns and social distancing has led to finding new ways to keep going and stay connected.

With the surge of a variety of users on Zoom, comes a need for a variety of functions and experiences to offer; And that is exactly what Zoom did.

Seeing the rising popularity of filters on social media, it would be an added bonus to follow suit and create something similar on this platform, so being able to have a virtual background was a no-brainer.

But what do you think about using virtual backgrounds on your Zoom calls?

As we turn to the people for answers, the feedback, as can be expected, is a little torn because it really is down to personal opinion, as most things are.

There are multiple reasons as to why users choose a virtual background, especially if it is for a bit of fun and even to let you dream a little as you see yourself in paradise or just to add a more relaxed dynamic and build team morale.

Others turn to virtual backgrounds to add a more professional touch to their call because let’s be honest, not everyone wants to see the contents of your bedroom or like the infamous video shows, sometimes you can’t always control what is happening in your surroundings.

On the other end of the spectrum, the majority of users have expressed that they choose not to have a virtual background as it can be seen as unprofessional, which is also very true when the Tiger King suddenly decides to join the meeting uninvited.

Having a virtual background can sometimes take away the seriousness of the meeting and divert the task on hand or prolong a call unnecessarily.

tiger king virtual background

It seems that no matter what the purpose is for using Zoom, the option is there to have a virtual background or not and with such a large variety to choose from, there is certainly something available for any occasion.

If not, don’t fret because Zoom allows for you to create and upload your own and many such as Canva and Owl Labs have certainly used this opportunity to offer templates for this niche market.

Are you using Zoom? Tell us how you find it and if their functions suit the needs of your business.