Speaker Profile: John Cooke

Name: John Cooke
SMPerth Speaker: September – Content Strategy
Job Description: Social Media Strategist
Twitter: @freocookster
Website: http://about.me/freocookster

A Few Words: John, better known as Freocookster, is a public relations specialist who harnesses the power of social networking to drive highly effective communications campaigns.

He brings more than eight years of online experience as a blogger, social commentator and avid social networker, to his role as Social Media Strategist at Professional Public Relations.

As an early adopter in digital PR, he has implemented a number of social campaigns for a diverse range of clients, including large corporations, not for profits, retailers and specialist events.

He managed LandCorp’s C2030 online community engagement program for more than three years, building a network of people to share ideas and generate conversations via an interactive website, a roving video ‘Portal’ and dedicated social networking accounts.

The C2030 project won the 2011 Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) Award for Marketing Excellence in the category of ‘Social Marketing’.

John worked with The Perth Mint to establish its Twitter presence, played a key role in the Terrace Hotel’s #SocMedSleepover and is in the process of helping launch a new social media app called Tiinkk.

Over the past eight years, John has been a key note speaker at business events, digital conferences, public relations forums and universities.

When he’s not mowing the lawn or ferrying his three kids to sporting activities he can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiink (in BETA testing), YouTube, Instagram, Foursquare and (sparingly) Pinterest