Speaker Profile: Cory Gale

Name: Cory Gale
SMPerth Speaker: July – The Importance of Content Relevance
Job Description: Marketing Operations Executive – ExperiencePerth
Twitter: @cory_gale
Website: www.experienceperth.com.au

A Few Words: Cory has managed some of Western Australia’s biggest tourism-focused social media accounts including Experience Perth and Augusta Margaret River Tourism.

“I first started using social media in early 2007 when I was studying abroad in Sarawak, Malaysia. I’d like to say I was one of the first people in Australia to have a Facebook page. Picture this: you’re in Kota Kinabalu on Easter break visiting deserted islands, eating nasi lemak and just generally having an amazing time when your Indian friend from Nairobi says “You have to get Facebook”… I’m proud to say I signed up there and then, accosting nearly all of my friends and family to do the same in the process. To this day, I’d still like to think I’m one of Perth’s leaders in social media. Whether I’m posting a glorious Western Australian beach snap from the comforts of my sandy towel or tweeting some delicious local produce, my smart phone is never far away… Of course social media has changed so much in such a short time and is MUCH more than just Facebook. In fact, depending on your needs as a business, Facebook might not even be the most relevant social medium for you.

I have a double degree in Commerce and Social Science from Curtin University of Technology, majoring in Tourism Management, History and International Relations. If you couldn’t tell I’m passionate about tourism in general, but more importantly, in Western Australia. I’m one of few people granted the privilege to promote this amazing state, my home, and get paid for it. I’ve travelled extensively around the world (camera ALWAYS in hand to document my journeys on social media!) and this helped spark my career choice. Destination marketing and social media go hand in hand. Of course, not every business is a tourism marketing organisation relying on exceptional visuals to generate engagement. As a general rule it is so crucial to post relevant and engaging content – no matter what social medium it is! There is nothing worse than having a high abandonment rate because you haven’t connected with your audience. Everything in business is about strategy and results – alwyas ask “What am I trying to achieve by doing this?”

I’ve been fortunate enough to manage social for the Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association from 2010 to 2013 and now look after Experience Perth’s social media channels. You’ll find us on @experienceperth (Twitter and Instagram), Experience Perth (Facebook) and WeLuvExperiencePerth (YouTube). Oh yeah, don’t forget to #SeePerth, #TastePerth and #StayPerth for tips, images and conversations about enjoying Western Australia’s extraordinary capital city, Perth”