Speaker Profile: Richard Giles

Name: Richard Giles
SMPerth Speaker: March 2014 – Mobile Strategy, August 2017 – Near Future of Mobile
Job Description: General Manager and Planning Director, Addaptor
Twitter: @RichardGiles
Website: www.richardgiles.com

A Few Words: Richard Giles is the Strategy Director at Adapptor, an Australian mobile apps and services company.

Labeled “the network marketer” by BRW, he has been involved in the technology industry since the eighties. Always at the cutting edge, Richard has worked for a mobile phone company as their technical specialist in 1990, built corporate websites, lectured about online commerce, and sold companies Internet connections in the mid-nineties.

Since then he’s worked for Sun Microsystems, authored the Podcasting Pocket Guide and How to Use Flickr: The Digital Photography Revolution, won awards for podcasting, and launched a cloud based recommendation engine that was listed in BRW’s Australia’s Top 10 Web Applications in 2008.

Richard is also a member of the Library Board of Western Australia, and presents and mentors at a number of Australian startup and technology events.