Speaker Profile: Allan Dixon

Name: Allan Dixon
SMPerth Speaker: April 2017
Job Description: Takes selfies with animals
Facebook: facebook.com/daxon
Insagram: @daxon
Website: daxon.co

A few words: Adventurer Allan Dixon is a Irish/Canadian self-taught media producer with an eccentric style. After graduating in Computer Engineering he built a number of startup internet companies but they unfortunately resulted in failure. Learning from all this, he thought there was more to life than programming in front of a computer for days on end. He reignited his passion for filming and photography with the aim of making it a living.

His love for media started as a teenager recording himself and friends skateboarding. With a few broken cameras and Youtube successes, companies started reaching out to tap into his skillset to drive him further.

Winner of the 2013 ’Best Job in the World’ campaign by Tourism Australia. In competing against over half a million contestants his job was to showcase why Australia is such a great country to travel to. This media enriching experience was the final revelation in making him peruse a full time career in creating inspirational media.

Allan is now known as a modern day ‘Dr Dolittle’ with his animal selfies going viral in early 2016. His goal has always been to promote happiness and inspire people to reconnect with wildlife and the environment.

His work has been featured by Time Magazine, Youtube, Instagram, Mashable, Buzzfeed, MTV, The Huffington Post and countless publications.


This is the moment the ‘quokka selfie’ started trending.


Then of course there was this one…