Speaker Profile: Brodie McCulloch

Name: Brodie McCulloch
SMPerth Speaker: August 2014, October 2017
Job Description:  Founder Spacecubed, Managing Director Social innovation in Western Australia
Twitter: @brodiemcculloch @space3ed
Website: www.spacecubed.com

A Few Words: In 2011, Brodie McCulloch founded Spacecubed to support Western Australia’s growing, but disconnected startup community. Spacecubed is a Social Enterprise, designed to support 20,000 startups, entrepreneurs and corporate innovators by 2025.

Brodie was more recently involved with the launch of FLUX –  a new project powered by Spacecubed. FLUX is Perth’s latest coworking and office space innovation hub designed to help entrepreneurs and startups drive their ideas forward.

Brodie is also a Director for StartupWA, a not-for-profit organisation which promotes the technology startup sector in WA.

You can find more information about Spacecubed at www.spacecubed.com or follow them on Twitter at @space3ed. To learn more about StartupWA find them on Twitter at @Startup_WA or www.startupwa.org.