Speaker Profile: Gavin Bain

Name: Gavin Bain
SMPerth Speaker: May 2014, March 2018
Job Description: CEO at Meerkats – The Brand Leadership Company
Twitter: @baingavin
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/gbain
Website: www.meerkats.com.au

A Few Words: Gavin has positioned himself at the forefront of marketing in Western Australia, winning Ad Person of the Year in 2015 and leading the Meerkats team to achieve Ad Agency of the Year a number of times. Starting off on the client side and moving to the agency side in 2013, Gavin has led an esteemed career that has seen him work with Adelaide Bank, Hartleys, Marketforce and now Meerkats as CEO. Meerkats has built a strong reputation in the industry, working with large clients such as Brownes, HBF, iinet, Mrs Macs and Harvey Beef.

‘Gavin is an honourable gentleman and a true leader for Meerkats. He sets the culture for the agency, follows through on his belief in doing good work for good businesses and despite a hectic workload, still remains accessible to the rest of the agency. That’s why he gets the results and people continue to work for him.’
– Helen Shepherd, Business Director at Meerkats
Away from his work at Meerkats Gavin has a wealth of experience working with professional and social organisations and committees. He currently serves as a Board Member of the Cancer Council of Western Australia and Chairman of the Communications Council WA. Other organisations he has been involved with include Perth Advertising and Design Club, Nulsen and the West Australian Ballet.