Venue Profile: The Dominion League

SMPerth Venue: May 2015 // June 2016
Address: 84 Beaufort St, Perth WA 6000
Facebook: :

A Few Words: The Dominion League was founded with one goal in mind – the secession of Western Australia from the rest of the Commonwealth.

League members campaigned and cajoled and, in 1933, the WA government held a referendum on the matter.

The result was a vote 2:1 in favour of secession.

But that didn’t settle it. Legal technicalities meant the Commonwealth Government also had to agree with WA’s move to secede.

They didn’t.

Like that passionate mob who went before us, we are fiercely proud of our fine state. So 81 years on, in honour of everything we love about WA, but pushing politics aside in favour of fine food and drink, we warmly grant you membership to the modern day Dominion League.