Venue Profile: Varnish on King

SMPerth Venue:  April 2014
Address: 331 Hay Street Perth
Twitter: @varnishonking

A Few Words: Varnish on King; All we do all day is source the best food, the best wine and the best whiskey to share with our friends.

Varnish is an indulgent project for owner Andy Freeman. With multiple venues opening in the CBD he wanted to avoid the collared shirt, white linen tablecloth, stuffy and uptight scene. The desire was to create a space that creative types, secretaries, white collar, musicians and fashionista’s, can meet and feel comfortable and not out of place. It was this ethos that was behind every decision at Varnish on King from concept to completion.

Varnish is focused on quality, whether it’s line caught fish, the best spirits we can source around the globe, and staff who are happy, qualified and educated that love their job; it all comes together harmoniously at 75 King Street.