100+ Must Know Social Media Statistics for 2017

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We love stats, especially when they’re about social media!

As you probably know the Sensis Social Media Report for 2017 has just come out which is filled with great stats around Australia’s social media use, it even breaks it down state by state.

But it got us to thinking, how do we stand with the rest of the world’s use of social? Below is a compilation of our favourite stats from Australia as well as the global use of social media.


  1. 50% of the world’s population access the Internet, an increase of 10% since January 2016
  2. 2.8 billion people across the globe are active on social media, this has increased 21% since Jan 2016
  3. Around 66% of the world population (5 billion individuals) use mobile phones
  4. More than 2.5 billion people (34% of the world’s population) access social on mobile devices
  5. 1.6 billion people (22% of the population) made e-commerce purchases in 2016
  6. 76% of the UK’s population purchased something online in the month prior to the survey, spending an average of US$2,033 annually
  7. Monthly mobile data traffic in Asia Pacific region is a whopping 4.12billion gigabytes, North America is less than half of that at 1.83 billion megabytes.


  1. 84% of Australians access the internet daily
  2. 56% of Australians will access the internet more than 5 times per day
  3. 79% of the Australian population use mobile phones
  4. 67% of smartphone owners in Australia will access the internet 5+ times per day
  5. 16 million Australians are active on social media
  6. 68% use mobile apps to access social networking platforms
  7. 36% of webpages in Australia are served to mobile phones, the global average is 50%
  8. Use of social media by business has dropped to 60% in Australia
  9. 24% of consumers in Australia follow a brand or businesses on social
  10. 60% of Australians have bought something online in the past month
  11. Australian e-commerce consumers spend an annual average of US$815


  1. There are over 1.5 billion active social media users in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC)
  2. In Europe 49% of the population are active on social media
  3. More than 1 in 4 Americans have a social media account
  4. In the UK, 77% of adults have a social media account
  5. 79% of Australian internet users are active on social media
  6. In 2016 across the global regions, The Middle East saw the greatest increase in social media use (47%)
  7. 2017’s 14% increase of social media users in Australia is greater than both the UK and US
  8. 59% of Australians are accessing social networking sites at least once a day
  9. Snapchat is the most frequently used social platform averaging 41.7 times per week, followed by Twitter (39.6 times) and Instagram (37.7 times)
  10. 91% of social users globally access via mobile


  1. The device most used to access social in Australia is smartphones (81%), followed by laptops (30%), desktop computers (28%) and then tablets (25%)
  2. Almost all of the Australians surveyed under 40 own a smartphone, while for those aged over 65 it is less than half
  3. The number of people accessing social on mobile devices globally has risen 30%, the APAC region saw the greatest annual growth of 35%
  4. 95% of social users in APAC access via mobile, the largest percentage in the world
  5. 81% of adults in Australia use smartphones to access social media, in 2011 it was 34%
  6. In Australia there are 14 million active mobile social users


  1. The most popular reason Australians gave for being on social was to catch up with friends
  2. 57% of Australians surveyed stated sharing photographs or videos as a reason for being on social media, a 21% rise from 2016.
  3. Watching a video is the most common activity for Australian’s on social media (61%), followed by sharing someone else’s post (45%) and posting a selfie (40%).
  4. 35% of Australians check their social media over 5 times per day
  5. 19% of people have used social to support a cause, a drop of 20% from 2016
  6. The average time Australians spend on social media a day is 1hr 39min
  7. Australians, on average, have a total of 469 friends, contacts or followers on their social networks
  8. In a year, Australian social users will see only 39% of their connections face-to-face
  9. Facebook is the most popular social network in Australia – 91% of males and 97% of females have an active profile
  10. In 2017, Australians’ use of Facebook has decreased to 25 times per week from an average of 31 times the previous year
  11. The frequency of Twitter use in Australia has increased year on year since 2014
  12. Only 12% of those surveyed trusted news sources on social media
  13. Australians use social media at home more than any other location
  14. The under 30s are more likely to use social media outside the home than the other age groups
  15. There has been a 4 point decrease from 2016 in the use of social while watching TV by Australians
  16. 43% of those surveyed will use social media while watching Reality TV


  1. 40% of Australians will watch a video online everyday
  2. YouTube is the 2nd most popular platform in Australia, followed by Instagram
  3. 88% of 18-29 yr olds have posted a selfie on social
  4. 1 in 4 Australians surveyed have used Facebook Live to watch video content
  5. 44% have published content using the story function on Facebook


  1. With over 1.94 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook is the most popular social network (March, 2017)
  2. Over 85% of daily active users on Facebook are outside the US and Canada
  3. There are 16 million monthly active Facebook users in Australia
  4. Worldwide, 44% of Facebook users are female, 56% are male
  5. In Australia, 53% of Facebook users are declared as female, 47% as male
  6. 80% of Facebook users are aged 18-34yrs
  7. 25% of Facebook users in Australia are 25-34 yrs old
  8. In Australia, 88% of Facebook users access with a mobile device
  9. 75% of Facebook users in Australia are active on the platform daily
  10. 100 million hours of video is watched on Facebook per day
  1. There are around 700 million active Instagram users worldwide
  2. Australia has 5 million active monthly users
  3. Instagram is the 3rd most popular social network in Australia
  4. Around 1 in 2 Instagram users login daily
  5. 95 million photos and videos are posted daily
  6. 36% of Australians surveyed have published content using Instagram stories
  7. 2 billion Instagram posts are liked daily
  8. Australian Instagrammers use the platform 37.7 times per week
  9. On average, Australian Instagrammers will spend 26.9 minutes per session on the platform
  10. 81% of Australians surveyed aged 18-29 use Instagram
  1. There are 317 million active users on Twitter
  2. 500 million tweets are sent each day, around 6, 000 tweets every second
  3. 42% of Twitter users are active daily
  4. 32% of Australian social users are on Twitter
  5. Although Twitter is one of the least popular platforms in Australia, it is accessed more frequently than both Facebook and Instagram
  6. Twitter is used by 70% of Australian social users aged 18-29
  7. On average Twitter users in Australia follow 480 accounts
  8. Australian Twitter users spend an average of 2.8 minutes per session
  9. 67% of Australian Twitter users tweet more than 5 times per day
  10. 82% of Twitter users access with mobile platforms
  1. There are over 500 million LinkedIn users, 106 million of them are active monthly
  2. 3 million users share content on the platform weekly
  3. Over half of LinkedIn users login once a week or less
  4. 1 in every 3 professionals in the world is on LinkedIn
  5. 57% of LinkedIn users are male, 43% are female
  6. On average an Australian LinkedIn user has 199 connections, females tend to have more (229) than males (181)
  7. There have been 1 billion endorsements on LinkedIn
  8. Around 1 in 5 Australian social users are active on LinkedIn
  9. The average session time on LinkedIn is 11 minutes
  10. Australian LinkedIn users will login on average 8.8 times per week


  1. 32% of Facebook users regularly interact with brand pages
  2. 5 billion comments are made every month on Facebook Pages
  3. Posts on Instagram have the highest engagement rate of all the social platforms
  4. 24% of consumers in Australia follow a brand on social
  5. 52% of consumers in Australia research products and services using a mobile device
  6. 1 in 3 Americans would rather engage with a brand using social than visiting the physical location
  7. Electrical goods are the most common product for Australian consumers to research on social (47%), followed by furniture and things for the home (42%)
  8. Of Australian’s surveyed in 2017, 61% of product/service researches online led to a purchase online
  9. In making purchases, 40% of social media users in the UK say it’s important for brands to have a strong social presence
  10. Since 2016, the number of Australians that provide ratings for brands has reduced by 9%
  11. 64% of Australians surveyed trust brands that positively interact with consumers on social
  12. Over half of UK adults surveyed agree that customer service on social makes it easier for questions and concerns to be resolved
  13. 43% say irrelevant or unappealing content is the main reason for unfollowing a brand on social
  1. 1 in 2 large business in Australia have allocated over 50% of their marketing budget to social media
  2. The primary reason for businesses in Australia to have a social presence is to promote and advertise
  3. 95% of large businesses in Australia use social to communicate with clients and contacts
  4. Facebook is the most popular platform to advertise on by Australian businesses
  5. 1 in 4 large businesses in Australia use Twitter to advertise
  6. 50 million businesses use Facebook pages
  7. Around 9 in 10 Australian businesses use Facebook in their marketing
  8. Instagram is the 2nd most popular platform to advertise for medium businesses in Australia
  9. Instagram has 1 million monthly active advertisers
  10. 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content
  11. 1 in 2 LinkedIn users would buy from a company they engage with on the platform
  12. 80% of B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn