How to Amplify, Hack and Gamify Your Organic Reach

“Facebook sucks. I have over 1,000 Likes and when I post content only 100 people see what I share… and that’s if i’m lucky. The only way I can get more of my OWN community to see what i’ve posted is to pay for Facebook Ads, it’s not fair!”

You’ve either said this yourself, or heard someone say it about their Facebook page.

It pains me to say this… but if this is happening to your page, your content most probably sucks.

When you create content for Facebook, you need to be conscious of the plethora of factors -ranging from the algorithmic to the sociological – that work behind the scenes to influence your Page’s organic performance.

Yes, I agree; having to consider all of these factors requires A LOT of effort. And yes, having to consider all of these factors is A LOT more challenging than sharing your latest “20% OFF EVERYTHING!!!!!” text post or posting a link to that funny cat video you just found on YouTube as content. But to be brutally honest – as both a power user and lover of Facebook – i’m really glad your content sucks, and i’m really happy you’re not getting any reach, and the more I think about it, you are too.

Wait, what do you mean “I’m happy” my content isn’t getting any reach?

You need to remember that Facebook’s business model is predicated on its ability to generate advertising revenue. In order to do this, it needs to provide both an amazing user experience while they simultaneously keep you coming back for more. The better this experience is, the greater the user engagement and attention.

This attention translates to more eyeballs on feeds, and more eyeballs on feeds equals more opportunities to generate revenue from advertising.

Okay, but why should I be “happy” about this?

Assume for a second that you are not a Page Manager with a vested interest for everyone in the world to see your latest post.

If Facebook’s algorithm let this kind of really sucky, low value, spammy content fill your personal Newsfeed every time you used the service, how long would it take before you stopped engaging and stopped coming back for more?

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Right. So how do I improve my reach without paying for Ads?

In a nutshell, if you want to improve your organic reach, you must:

Create Content that Provides Value
Talk Your Target’s Talk
Hack Facebook’s Newsfeed to Amplify Your Reach

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