35 Content Ideas to Jumpstart 2017

It’s a New Year, you’ve had some time off, your meticulously scheduled posts have hit the end of their run – it’s officially time for you to step back into the driver’s seat.

Cue the “C” word: content.

Marketers love to love it, and love to hate it, but the fact remains content is at the centre of the modern digital economy and quality content goes a long way to avoiding the pictured situation (also known as a “social media ghost town”).

That being said, generating ideas for quality, original and useful content is no easy feat.

That’s why, we’re going to help jumpstart your New Year content planning with 35 content ideas for 2017:

  1. Behind the scenes: photos, video (live and pre-recorded) and blogs.
  2. Guest contributors: bloggers, account “take overs” etc.
  3. Quotations: funny, inspirational, motivational.
  4. Polls.
  5. Competitions and promotions.
  6. Stats: industry-specific data.
  7. Infographics: turn stats into digestible graphics!
  8. Repurpose old, popular content.
  9. Questions: start a dialogue.
  10. Branded images.
  11. New photographic content: hire a professional, refresh your stock and share!
  12. Visual storytelling: share photographs that communicate or add to a sense of your brand culture, particularly useful on Instagram.
  13. Get controversial: share topical content that will get your community talking.
  14. Q&As: live streaming is the way of the future, engage with your followers in real time.
  15. Live streaming: events, workshops, presentations, product launches. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
  16. Be helpful: “How To”, using video, photos or in blog format.
  17. Case Studies
  18. Reviews and testimonials
  19. Share fan/client/follower photos.
  20. Recommendations.
  21. Tips and tricks.
  22. Get nostalgic by sharing memories or flashbacks.
  23. Follow back: recommend a profile/brand/account your community should check out.
  24. Memes. (Don’t fight it, everyone loves them!)
  25. Trending topics.
  26. Breaking news.
  27. Seasonal content: Australia Day, Easter, Summer, Winter, Spring, Xmas, New Year.
  28. eBooks.
  29. Profiles: employees, suppliers, clients etc.
  30. Successes: awards, new clients, business growth etc.
  31. Brand news: what’s happening with your brand in 2017?
  32. Blog series.
  33. Teaser content: drip feed content about an event/competition/giveaway/sale etc.
  34. Thought leadership: your thoughts on your industry.
  35. Promote your products and services.