10 Tips and Tricks to Facebook Live Like A Pro

If you haven’t already heard, video is central to Facebook’s vision for the future.

In fact, in 2014 Mark Zuckerberg said ‘In five years most of Facebook will be video’.

If you’re new to world of live video, here are 10 handy tips and tricks to get your live streaming like a pro:

  1. For first timers, spend some time practicing your form by apply “Only Me” settings.
  2. Like any content, don’t go overboard. Space your live videos out.
  3. Introduce yourself upfront: who are you and what are you talking about? Then reintroduce yourself and your topic at semi-regular intervals for the benefit of those who have only just jumped onto your video.
  4. Scout a location. Make sure the location you intend to film a) sounds right and b) looks right (lighting).
  5. It stands to reason that your video should be visually appealing. Find ways to be engaging, keep the camera moving (without going so far as to give the audience motion sickness!). Remember video automatically appears in the News Feed mute, so don’t rely on audio to hook viewers.
  6. Be spontaneous! While some preparation is recommended (in terms of location and subject matter etc) try to avoid coming across rehearsed or contrived. The point of live video is to provide authenticity and insight.
  7. Encourage interaction! Ask viewers to like your video. Welcome comments and questions and respond to them! (If things happen to get a abusive or inappropriate, don’t hesitate to block users.)
  8. Don’t film for less than 10 minutes. You have up to 90 minutes to play with! The longer you film; the more eyes you’ll get on you!
  9. Sign off. Say goodbye. Thank your viewers. It’s common courtesy after all!
  10. Link, link, link. To maximise conversion include a link in the descriptor, or direct your viewers to where they can learn more.