50 Stats For Facebook In 2019

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So it seems Facebook has prevailed for another year. It’s come a long way from the Farmville days, or when people used to legitimately use the ‘poke’ button to get someones attention.

Facebook is still so relevant that nowadays nobody knows whether or not you’re in a relationship if there is no sign of an updated status or #couplegoals vacation pictures.

But alas, the social network is still booming. So much so that 2019 is shaping up to be a big year of milestones for Facebook.

Here are our top 50 stats for Facebook in 2019.

1. ‘Facebook’ is the most popular search query in the world.
2. 56% of Facebook users are male and 44% are female.
3. In Australia alone, there are 15 million active people on Facebook.
4. Around 74% of Facebook users access their account daily.
5. Facebook users alone watch around 100 million hours of video each day.
6. Facebook also owns WhatsApp and Messenger.
7. 88% of Facebook users are on a mobile device.
8. 79% of teenage users are Facebook friends with their parents (Mum and I tag each other in memes!)
9. People will spend an average time of 25 minutes on Facebook.
10. The number of people aged 65 and over on Facebook has increased by around 20%.

11. It’s the second-most popular site worldwide, behind Google.
12. There are more than 70 million businesses with a Facebook page.
13. Only 56% of Facebook ads have a call-to-action (Have we taught you nothing?!)
14. Facebook’s advertising revenue was nearly $40 billion in 2018. Imagine what it would be this time next year?
15. The average engagement rate for all types of page posts is just 4.2%
16. Around 20 million people user Messenger to communicate with their customers.
17. The average reach of a post is just under 11% of your total page likes
18. Around 96% of social media marketers believe Facebook has the highest ROI rate!
19. Approximately 15% of users are on an iOS device, while around 76% are on an android device. (I still would rather have no phone at all than a Samsung, but hey; I’m clearly outnumbered)
20. The average user clicks into around 10 Facebook ads a month.

21. Users generate 4.5 million likes every minute.
22. 64% of online shoppers say that a video or photo on Facebook helped them decide on a product to buy.
23. The total number of people accessing Facebook daily on their desktop? 1.368 million.
24. The average Facebook user has 155 friends (Clearly I need to cut my Facebook friend list)
25. Approximately 1 in 2 Australians use Facebook daily.
26. 10 billion messages are sent on Facebook every day.
27. The average number of daily visitors to the ‘on this day feature’ is 155 million.
28. 48% of 18-34 year olds say they check Facebook as soon as they wake up (Guilty!)
29. Facebook will trial TV commercials in Australia to show users they are more committed to online privacy.
30. 270 million Facebook profiles are fake! (Catfish is very real people)

31. Almost 2 billion accounts are on Facebook!
32. Around 970,000 13-17 year old Australians use Facebook.
33. There are more than 70 languages available for translation on Facebook.
34. 40% of Facebook users have NEVER liked a photo (Ouch!)
35. 5 billion comments are left on pages monthly.
36. On average, people access Facebook eight times a day.
37. 400 new users sign up for Facebook every minute.
38. Facebook Messegner has over 1.2 billion active monthly users.
39. 85% of people will watch a video on Facebook with the sound off
40. The average CPC (Cost Per Click) is around $1.72USD.

41. People are 5 times more likely to watch Facebook videos on their phone.
42. There are 317,000 status updates a minute.
43. Images make up between 75%-90% of Facebook advertising
44. The best time to post on Facebook is weekday afternoons
45. 20% of Facebook videos are livestreams.
46. On average, people consider just 28% of their Facebook friends to be genuine or close friends.
47. Shakira has the most Facebook fans of any musician on Facebook.
48. Every minute, 147,000 people upload a photo.
49. 39% of people say they are connected to people on Facebook they have never met in person (Why?!)
50. Mark Zuckerberg only earns around $1 million USD a year, compared to his network; a casual $61.5 billion USD (Same)

And there you have it! Facebook is still ticking along. Want to see just how much the use of Facebook has increased? Click here.