7 benefits of using a third party app to run your next Facebook competition

While Timeline competitions have their place, using a third party app to administer your next competition will set you up for long term success.

A third party, competition apps offer the following advantages over a conventional Timeline structure:


Integrated brand presence

A third party app allows you to create a more seamlessly integrated brand presence across all touch points.

The customisation options in third party apps are many, all creating a slicker look and feel than that achievable in a Timeline competition. For example, customise a tab for top of your Facebook page; or a custom URL for cross promotional purposes and use in offline marketing collateral.


Data collection

Third party apps collect and store a wealth of entrant information, but of greatest value is the humble email address. Using an app to mine this data not only streamlines an otherwise messy process but also ensures the information is being collected responsibly, as entrants choose to opt-in.


Easier to manage

Third party apps are designed to make the whole competition process easy for you!

If you’re running a sweepstakes or lottery-style competition, an app affords the highest level of impartiality where random selection of a winner(s) is concerned, thanks to an in-app algorithm. It is also easy to notify winner(s), privately via email.

It is harder (if not impossible) for entrants to cheat; and most apps allow competitions to be quite easily integrated with other social platforms if you are running a multi-channel campaign.


Easy to enter, easy to share

These competitions characteristically make it easy for people to enter: click here, enter some details there, and boom, you’re done!

They also include features designed to maximise your competition’s visibility. Incentivised sharing, for example: some apps award extra entries when a competition is shared, or reward entrants when their friends enter.



A “Like-gate” also known as a “fan-gate” encourages Likes by restricting entry to a competition to those who Like the business page. This, of course, generates a welcome and quite rapid, boost in page Likes.


Play by the rules

Third party apps adhere to Facebook’s guidelines for promotions, so your compliance is guaranteed. Certainly the safest option available.



Included with most, if not all, third party competition apps is access to robust campaign analytics so you can clearly see how your competition performs. Monitor everything from number of entries/votes, click through rate, Likes; even country of origin.


Hot Tip: We recommend Shortstack for your Facebook competitions. We’ve been using it for years and love all the options!