Amp up your Facebook Page with these apps

Facebook page apps can play an integral part in making your brand stand out online.

Facebook page apps and websites can be logged in through Facebook and can request information that you choose to share with them.

These days, there is basically an app for everything. By using a Facebook page app you can make sure to work smarter, not harder.

apps and websites

We’ve assembled the best of them here – enjoy!



Canva is a easy-to-use graphic design tool that lets you create beautiful visuals for your social media channels.

With its drag-and-drop design, you have access to heaps of photo, vectors, graphics and fonts.

This is a great tool to keep a consistent style across your socials.

Survey Monkey

survey monkey

With Survey Monkey, you can discover valuable insights and data for your brand.

Survey Monkey helps more than 335 thousand brands with:

  • Market research
  • Event planning
  • Employee engagement



Shortstack lets you create Facebook landing pages, apps, and campaigns.

You can collect customer info through your social media campaigns and send them custom emails to help increase your chance of success.

There are some cool features in the free plan:

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Share functionality
  • Promotions
  • Export leads/entries
  • 5,000 Campaign Visits per 30 days
  • 25 leads/entries
  • 25,000 Facebook fan allowance

Big Commerce

big commerce

BigCommerce lets you link your eCommerce catalog with Facebook. This lets your products be seen by customers who are already spending large amounts of time on Facebook.

This is will only take you a few minutes to integrate your online store with your Facebook page.



With Heyo, you can create campaigns that are optimised for every device.

This is a really simple app to use.

Make the most of their pre-made free Facebook templates and other features including:

  • Sweepstakes, Photo Contests, Group Deals, Hashtag Promotions and more
  • Create campaigns optimized for every device
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Built-in sharing features turn your audience into a marketing force

Facebook Live Streaming

Before you can live stream to Facebook, you’ll need to download streaming software.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Create Live Stream.
  3. Choose where you want to post your live broadcast.
  4. Select Use a persistent stream key if you want your stream key to be permanent. If this isn’t selected, you won’t be able to use this stream key again after the stream ends.
  5. Copy and paste the server URL and stream key or persistent stream key into the settings of your streaming software and start the video stream from your encoder. A preview screen will appear.
  6. Write a description, Title and Video Game tag.
  7. Click Go Live or Schedule.

Your audience can react and comment on your Live Stream.

Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey lets you build chatbots, create Messenger ads, send chat blasts and helps to increase your contact list.

mobile monkey

What Facebook Page Apps can’t you live without? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

Sean graduated from Murdoch University in 2017 and went from intern to Account Manager with Coffey & Tea. He also contributes to Social Media Perth.