Facebook Ads // Power Editor 101

SMPerth // 15th April 2017

What is Facebook Power Editor?

Basically, when it comes to Facebook advertising you can choose to continue with Ads Manager the basic tool for creating ad campaigns or you can step it up a notch and use Power Editor.

Power Editor is for mass ad creation. You can create and edit multiple ads using the tool and then upload them to Facebook simultaneously. It works with Google Chrome and allows you to work offline in Excel then upload and review the campaigns before they are added to Facebook.

Being able to do multiple actions at the same time makes it a lot easier and quicker to use for large campaigns than Ads Manager.


Who is it for?

Generally, it is used by larger corporations that do a lot of advertising and run multiple ad campaigns, so therefore need to manage them closely and with ease. Advanced features such as campaign tags which allow you to organise and group ads makes it ideal for teams working together.

But it is not limited to larger advertisers and many small businesses with lower advertising budgets will also get a lot out of using the advanced features of the tool.


Why do I need it?

Ads Manager is sufficient for a lot of Facebook advertisers but if you want to get more in-depth insights and test a variety of ads then Power Editor is the best choice.

In Power Editor you are able to organise the ads in your campaigns and allocate different objectives and budgets. Being able to structure them in this way is very useful when you want to run an A/B (split) test.

Once you get your head around the structure and technical side of Power Editor it is actually a lot more efficient than Ads Manager. You can duplicate entire campaigns and edit the ads to create a new campaign, saving a lot of time in the initial set up.

You should use Power Editor on Facebook if you:
  • run multiple ads/campaigns
  • want to run A/B tests of your ads
  • have a team of people managing campaigns
  • manage ad campaigns for a number of clients


  • quickly create multiple ads
  • duplicate and edit campaigns and ads
  • campaigns can be reviewed before they are uploaded
  • import ads using the downloadable Excel template
  • use preset or custom filters to find particular ads or campaigns
  • split testing
  • make use of the new features before they are rolled out to Ad Manager


Setting up Power Editor

At this stage, Power Editor is only available for users of Google Chrome.

Before you start you will need to define your objectives for the ads you are running, have a clear idea of who you are wanting to target and work out your budget. Your payment method will also need to be added in Ads Manger before you can create any ads in Power Editor.


Creating campaigns

1. Go to Power Editor
2. In the Campaigns tab click create campaign.
3. Enter a name for your campaign.
4. Choose your buying type.
5. Select the objective for your campaign from the options given.
6. You can then go on to create a new ad set and ads.

Alternatively, at step 3 you can choose the Guided Creation in the right-hand pane, this will take you through all the steps and explain what each of the terms mean and the effect of each of the settings.

For more handy tips and help setting up Business Manager head over to Facebook’s advertiser help centre.


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