How to Tag Pages on Facebook

Tagging other pages in your Facebook posts can be a great way of increasing your reach.

But you need to do it properly and not overdo it otherwise it can come across as spamming.

What is tagging?

You can share information, give credit or thanks to individuals or other companies by tagging them in your post or mentioning them in a comment.

Tagging is a very simple process, and when done properly can have a positive effect on your online presence and increase your visibility.

How it works

To mention another page or an individual in your post or in a comment you simply place the @ symbol followed by the name of the person or page. In each case select the correct identity from the drop down menu that appears.

When you tag someone a link is created to their page and they are sent a notification of the mention. Your post will appear on their timeline and be seen by all of their fans, hence increasing your reach.

Depending on the setting of the page or person’s profile you may not be able to tag them. To avoid spam from internet trolls many brand pages will also have ‘Timeline Review’ turned on, meaning they will need to approve the post before it appears on their timeline.

Practice positive tagging

Keep in mind that not everyone wants to be tagged all of the time. Keep your tagging to a minimum and only use it for appropriate posts.

Here are a few guidelines for tagging:

  • Locations: you post a photo of the barista making coffee at a cafe where you supply the coffee beans. By tagging the cafe your brand will be seen by all of their Facebook fans.
  • Events: your restaurant has a pop-up food stall at a music festival. You can spread the word and increase the reach further than your fans by tagging the festival and any appropriate sponsors in your posts.
  • People: your business sponsors the local footy team and you get a photo of and the captain – tag the team and captain’s personal profile if appropriate.

What if my page is tagged?

You may like to take a look at you own page’s settings and have say over who can post to your page. When you enter the Settings you will have a number of options for tagging and posting. You can allow other people and pages to tag your page, or restrict tagging to people that manage the page.

Tag a post

When you next go to post something on your Facebook page think about how you can increase your reach by tagging a business. Are there companies that you work closely with? Did you have a meeting with someone interesting? Would their Facebook fans find the photo interesting?

Give it a go, the possibilities are endless!