Google Plus for Business: How to Put the Platform to Work For Your Brand

When it comes to social media, many businesses forget that Google has its own social media platform – Google Plus.

While Google Plus was once touted to be the next Facebook rival, it has long since become a platform that just doesn’t seem to engage users.

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore Google Plus for Business when it comes to your building your brand and your business.

How Does Google Plus For Business Work

The days of having a Google Plus profile and using it to follow and engage with others have seemingly falleng by the wayside (when’s the last time you checked your Google plus page?). In fact, many business owners with Google Plus pages have been getting notifications that their pages are going to be removed if they have not been posted to recently.

However, last year Google made a significant change to the way businesses manage their profiles on the platform.

You used to have a Google Plus page for your business which usually appeared when you searched for your brand name. But with the move to a more map driven results page, unless you have a Google My Business page, your Google Plus page will rarely appear in the search results, even for brand name searches.

So if you’re a business with a physical location, it’s imperative that you have a Google My Business page set up and optimised. If you don’t have a physical location, it’s less important, but you can choose to set your page to show a radius around where you serve your customers. This can help you appear on the maps results for searches regarding your local area.

New Google My Business Features In 2018

Some cool new features that Google has been rolling out over the last couple of months include posts and videos for Google My Business users.

Google My Business - new features 1

Posts are little snippets you can write and add a photo to make it stand out. You can also add a button which then allows you to add a link – button options are currently Book, Order Online, Buy, Learn More, Sign Up or Get Offer.

You can even turn the post into an event with start and end dates and times – great for events or sale periods.

When your Google My Business box shows on the search results page, your latest post will appear as part of it. Studies are showing that having a larger listing gets more eyeballs on your profile, and is resulting in more click-throughs to websites directly from the Google My Business listing.

You can see your own analytics regarding your posts on your account. Just navigate to the Posts menu and view the data on each post.

Google My Business - new features 3

Videos are an even newer feature. You can now add videos to your listing, not just photos. Be warned though, anyone can add photos and videos to your listing so it’s a good idea to check your listing regularly to make sure all information is correct.

Having a Google My Business listing does have long-term SEO benefits too, so if you want to improve your organic rankings, this can help.


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